Big-hearted Sarah sets her sights on India

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A BALLYCASTLE girl is set to volunteer in India next year.

Sarah Maguire (18), an ex- pupil of Cross and Passion College, is taking time out before taking up a place at The University of Manchester to study biomedical sciences.

Said Sarah: “In January/February 2013 I will be volunteering abroad in Rajasthan, India for three months with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO).

“The work will involve helping to improve maternal care. VSO is a non-governmental organisation that works on combating poverty and inequality in various third world countries.

“VSO teams young people like me from the UK with young people from within the developing countries, and uses our energies and skills in placements that cater to the issues within each specific country.

“For example in India, maternal mortality is 230 deaths/100,000 live births.

“And infant mortality 57 deaths/1000 live births. So you can understand why I will be working on maternal health.

“I have a fundraising target of £1,000 which I am determined to meet, if not excel.

“The money I raise will go straight towards the continuation of VSO’s work both in my exact placement in Rajasthan and in many more of their varied projects.

“I must add that for me, this opportunity isn’t limited to my time spent in India.

“When I return I must carry out some form of ‘social action’. I plan to speak to the students of Ballycastle High and Cross and Passion to share my experiences and hopefully encourage them to take some worthwhile time out to volunteer.”

If you would like to help out please contact: