Beer we go! Ballycastle serves up a first for coeliacs and vegans

BEER WE GO. Sean from the Marine Hotel with the new beer.INBM4-14 060SC.
BEER WE GO. Sean from the Marine Hotel with the new beer.INBM4-14 060SC.

FANCY a pint?

Not so easy if you happen to be a beer-loving coeliac sufferer or vegan.

Coeliac disease is caused by a reaction of the immune system to gluten – a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.

So, obviously, enjoying a cool pint of beer would be out of the question for a coeliac with symptoms of the disease including bloating, nausea, constipation, diarrhoea, headaches and hair loss.

But now the Marine Hotel in Ballycastle has become the FIRST outlet in the whole of Ireland to stock a new gluten-free organic lager.

Called CELIA, the organic beer is brewed in the Zatec region of the Czech Republic.

Ben Peters of CELIA explained: “With more and more people being diagnosed with coeliac disease, there is a growing need for gluten-free

products and gluten-free friendly establishments.

“Providing gluten-free alternatives is a new challenge for producers, as it can be difficult to remove gluten and not affect the taste.

“CELIA lager is a good example of a gluten-free product that retains that classic pilsner flavour.

“Rather than using alternate grains, gluten is removed by enzymes in the fermentation process.

“And, as such, has proven to be a big hit not only for coeliacs, but the wider community too.

“CELIA launched into the UK market in 2013.

“CELIArecently started its journey in Ireland and has been taken on by The Marine Hotel, the first hotel to stock CELIA in Ireland, as part of its fantastic gluten-free offering.”

Nick McNally, the co-founder of CELIA lager, says that he is excited about the prospect of providing the coeliac community in Ireland with the premium lager that is so enjoyed by those in England.

CELIA will be one of the gluten-free products exhibiting at the annual gluten-free event hosted by Gluten Free Ireland at The Marine Hotel on 5th April.

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