Beautiful bride and ‘artist of the Glens’ go to auction

One of the most celebrated names in Irish art, Charles McAuley, is to feature in an upcoming auction which reads like a who’s, who of the art world and features 150 other paintings.

The special art auction will happen on the 14th April at McAfee Auctions, Main Street, Ballymoney saleroom at 7.30pm.

Gerry McAfee, auctioneer said: “Charles McAuley, who was as well known for his gentleness of spirit and humility as his paintings, was a man who could capture magic within his works.

“His parents Bernard and Elizabeth, eloped on horseback to marry - a determination of spirit which would later show in Charles as he sought his own path and determinedly focused on his work, a brave decision for a man with a young family.

“He did not see his paintings as solely a way to make money and often, anyone admiring one of his works left with it under their arm as a gift.

“The painting offered for sale is a magnificent example of McAuley’s work both in subject matter and its sheer size at 18” x 30”, unusual for the artist.

“The painting, entitled ‘Ploughing’, is estimated between £3,000 and £4,000.”

The much anticipated auction also features a work entitled ‘The Bride’ by County Tyrone artist, Con Campbell.

Gerry continued: “Just like Kate Middleton will do later this month, when she marries her very own Prince William, the painting shows a young bride gazing into a mirror perhaps nervous about what’s to come after her walk down the aisle.”

Other names to watch out for are J P Rooney, Noel Shaw, Sam McLarnon, Rev W J Watson, Gerard Dillon and John Tricket.

Some striking examples include a painting by George Henry Smyth entitled, ‘Blue Sugar’, estimated between £1,000 and £1,250 and ‘Evening Sails’ by Hannah O’Hanlon, estimated between £3,000 and £4,000.

Viewing of the sale at McAfee Auction’s Ballymoney saleroom starts on Tuesday 12th April between 7pm and 8.30pm and Wednesday 13th April, between 3pm and 5.00pm and 7pm and 8.30pm and on the day of sale, from 4.00pm

You can contact the auction house on 028 2766 7669 or log onto