Beach safety fears as metal signs stolen

GREEDY thieves cashing in on the high scrap price of metal have been condemned for potentially putting lives in danger after a number of beach safety signs were stolen across north Antrim, writes Nevin Farrell.

Raids took place on beaches as far apart as Waterfoot and Runkerry near Bushmills as well as at Ballycastle.

Moyle Council was told last night it will cost £500 to replace seven signs.

One of the stolen signs was a ‘Dangerous Bathing’ warning notice.

The Council’s Head of Technical Services, Aidan McPeake, told the Times: “We can’t say for sure but because the signs are metal we would be led to believe it down to scrap metal thieves.

“These beaches are in fairly isolated areas and there is a big range between them. The theft of this signage is potentially putting people at risk. We are taking steps to replace them as quickly as possible and there have been no reports of any safety incidents at the beaches but these signs are there for a purpose and there are safety implications.

“We would appeal to the public if they see anybody acting suspiciously to us to report the matter to Moyle Council or the police.”

Moyle DUP councillor David McAllister said it is “ridiculous” that metal thieves have stooped to target such signage.

He said he knows the ‘Black Rocks’ beach area near Bushmills and it is a dangerous shelved beach and signage is needed to warn the public.

“Anybody stealing signs just to get a few pounds for scrap metal have to be condemned because it is putting life and limb at risk and people should report any suspicious activity.”