Be on alert for child snatchers, parents warned!

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MR Andrew Wright, an Ulster Unionist Party Assembly candidate for North Antrim, has called on parents and relatives “to be on high alert for potential child snatchers” now that the summer weather has arrived and more children are playing outside.

Mr Wright said: “I urge all parents and relatives to be on the alert for any potential child snatchers and to report any suspicious activity directly and immediately to the PSNI.

“My appeal to be vigilant extends to all areas of the entire constituency. I especially appeal to neighbourhood watch scheme members to be the eyes and ears of our children and inform the police of any suspicious activity.

“In the past, I have appealed for the community to become the eyes and ears of the elderly who are a very vulnerable section of our region. Sadly, it now appears that our children are now an equally vulnerable section of our community.

“I also ask the schools and church Sunday Schools and youth groups to play their important role in educating children about the dangers of abduction,” said Mr Wright.