BB Route Battalion Christian Education prizes

THE results of the recent Route Battalion Christian Education prizes which were made at the Battalion Annual service in Trinity Presbyterian Church

Scripture Prize Winnrs 2010/11

Stage 1

First prize: Thomas Dysart - 9th Route, Robbie Bellingham - 9th Route, Hugh Barr - 2nd Ballymoney

Second prize: Timothy McGurk - 1st Route, Michael Creith - 4th Route

Third prize: Mark Brolly - 1st Drumreagh

Stage 2

First prize: Peter Scott - 1st Drumreagh

Second prize: Richard Campbell - 3rd Route

Third prize: Nial Hartin - 1st Route, Jonathan Peden - 1st Drumreagh, Daniel Kennedy - 2nd Ballymoney

Stage 3

First prize: Matthew Christie - 1st Route

Second prize: Ryan Moon - 9th Route

Third prize: David McKeeman - 2nd Ballymoney

Stage 4

First prize: Ross Beattie - 9th Route

Second prize: Jack Beattie - 9th Route

Third prize: Marcus McClean - 2nd Route

Junior Bible Quiz Prize Winners 2010/11

First years:

First prize: Matthew McCurdy - 3rd Route

Second prize: Mark McNeil - 1st Route, Aaron White - 1st Route, John Boyd - 2nd Route, Andrew Dysart - 9th Route

Third prize: Harry Mitchell- 1st Ballymoney, James McCormick - 4th Route, Peter McConaghie - 4th Route

Second years:

First prize: Thomas Clark - 2nd Route

Second prize: David Dysart - 9th Route, Jordan Hartin - 1st Route

Third prize: Lewis McAuley - 2nd Ballymoney, Mark Crawford - 2nd Route, William Gilmore - 9th Route, Jonathan Feeney - 4th Route

Third years:

First prize: James Orr - 3rd Route, Ian Pinkerton - 2nd Route

Second prize: George Peden- 1st Drumreagh, Daniel Logan - 2nd Route, Warren McKessick - 1st Route

Third prize: Tom Lowry - 2nd Route, Lewis Henry - 1st Drumreagh, Craig McKeeman - 2nd Ballymoney