Barnardo’s appeal to Ballymoney students

CHILDREN’S charity Barnardo’s is appealing to students from ages 14-20 years in the Ballymoney area to consider volunteering their time in its shop on Main Street.

The plea comes as part of Student Volunteering Week, which aims to highlight the valuable work student volunteers do, raise awareness about the benefits of volunteering and appeal for more students to get involved.

Thirty percent of Barnardo’s retail volunteers are aged 14-20 years old and are invaluable to the charity for their fresh, innovative approach.

Emma Rae, the manager of the Barnardo’s Ballymoney shop said, “We love having young volunteers. They give us a new outlook on how to do things and give us fresh ideas. If you’re a teenager interested in fashion why not come and help us put together some great outfits?

“We’re keen to hear from young people interested in design who can help us with window and in-store displays. School students interested in books, music and films are always more than welcome, to tell us what’s hot and what’s not.”

Karen Sparkes, Head of Volunteering at Barnardo’s said: “Our student volunteers provide an essential service to the charity. Volunteering gives students the opportunity to develop skills, making their CVs stand out to prospective employers. It’s also a chance to give something back, so students, communities and the children, young people and families we support, all benefit.

Karen added: “Students Volunteering Week gives us the chance to celebrate our student volunteers and thank them for giving their valuable time to support us.”

For more information about becoming a student volunteer with the Ballymoney Barnardo’s shop on Main Street Tel: 028 3752 4529.