Bands to come out for ‘Wee McKay’

IT is not everyone who gets a band parade held in their honour but that is exactly what is happening for the late James McKay.

A parade has been arranged to celebrate the life and loves of James McKay in Clough on Saturday September 21 (7.45pm).

Fondly referred to as ‘wee McKay’, James was known far and wide. His love of music and many talents took him to dances and other social gatherings in village halls of all descriptions.

Originally from Mosside, James moved to Clough over 60 years ago and soon took an active role within the loyal orders and of course the formation of Clough Young Conquerors now Clough True Blues Flute Band.

Only he would have known the number of young people from the surrounding area he learned to flute but also the miles he clocked up gathering them all up and leaving them home from weekly band practice and attending band parades.

It is a testament to his hard work, dedication and the legacy he leaves behind that Clough Flute Band is still going strong with almost 30 regulars.

After reading all the tributes paid to this remarkable man from many sources after he passed away on March 4, Clough band thought it only right to honour the wee man in their own special way.