Band helps clean up Dervock bus shelter

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SINCE the end of festivities for the various public events held in Dervock over the summer a clean-up continues in the village.

Community officials say that most Saturday nights the bus shelter in the village is the target of litter bugs and the area is left in quiet a bad state.

Members of Dervock Band have taken the matter into their own hands and decided to do a clean up, it was stated.

David Small, a member of the band and part of the Community Association which has been very active in recent months helping with various tasks around the village, said: “It’s the same every weekend at the bus shelter, what these litter louts don’t understand is this is the only bus shelter in the village and school children have to wait for their buses here on Monday morning. We have today removed all sorts of rubbish including glass from the area”.

Steven Phillips, Vice Chairman of the Dervock and District Community Association, said: “It’s great to see that the ‘village spirit’ remains after many successful events over the summer, I would appeal to the people who constantly make a mess at this area to stop and think of the others who use the shelter, especially coming into the autumn and winter months. A big thanks to David Small and the younger band members for their public spirited display.“