Balnamore pupils raise charity cash

A BIG thank you to Balnamore Primary School for raising £1,360.93 in the Praxis Care Sponsored Read It Challenge!

Balnamore Primary School has raised £1,360.93 in the Praxis Care Sponsored Read It! All of the pupils at the school were reading a number of books whilst raising funds for Praxis Care through sponsorship from family and friends.

13 schools in Northern Ireland have taken part in the Praxis Care Sponsored Read It!

Praxis Care is the largest Northern Ireland charity providing care for nearly 1,500 vulnerable children and adults affected by mental ill-health, learning disability, acquired brain injury and dementia.

The charity works across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, England and the Isle of Man.

Miss Harte, Literature Co-ordinator at Balnamore Primary School says: “The pupils and staff at the school were very keen to support Praxis Care’s Read It! It has given us all an opportunity to combine the joy of reading with the opportunity to raise funds for Praxis Care.”

Geraldine Andrews, Fundraising Officer, Praxis Care: says: “The Praxis Care Sponsored Read It! not only encouraged the pupils to read books but it also has raised vital funds for Praxis Care’. Praxis Care were delighted that 13 schools throughout Northern Ireland took part in the campaign.

“Reading is beneficial for both children and adults as it helps them to learn and provides a form of relaxation and escapism”.

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