Ballymoney TUV meeting a success - Allister

JIM Allister has hailed the TUV public meeting in Ballymoney last week as a success.

He talked on a wide range of topics from the all-Ireland harmonisation of electricity and health care, to how the Belfast Agreement at its core is a one stop journey to a United Ireland.

Commenting on how the DUP are now the implementers of the Belfast Agreement Jim Allister stated: “DUP/Sinn Fein sham fights are more predictable that those at Scarva! Just the other day we saw the faux-argument when Co-Equal First Minister Robinson rose to ask Sinn Fein’s Mitchel McLaughlin of his parties commitment to the rule of law. The same Mitchel McLaughlin who claimed in 2005 that the abduction, transport, execution and secret burial of Jean McConville was not a crime! Not a crime because the judge, jury and executioner was the IRA army council who, in Mr McLaughlin’s eyes, are the legitimate government of Ireland.

“While I voted no to Mr McLaughlin’s elevation to Principal Deputy Speaker, your North Antrim DUP MLAs voted for him. Then we have the “corporate” decision by the DUP to acquiesce to Sinn Fein on the “Conflict Transformation Centre” at the Maze. My word what a turnaround for the DUP, whose own Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds previously warned on the type of “spin” deployed now by his own party.

“Make no mistake, however it is dressed up the retention of the H-Block hospital will be a mecca for terrorists and their sympathisers.”

Other speakers on the night included Moyle Councillor Sharon McKillop who raised the issue of how Unionists were treated in Nationalist dominated councils, and the lack of support available for community and collaborative groups.

TUV Party President and former M.P. for East Londonderry, William Ross, spoke at length on Baroness Thatcher and how her Methodist values of individual responsibility and “do it yourself” attitude should still resonate with Unionists: “While we reflect on the passing of a great Prime Minister, albeit one who made mistakes like everyone else, we should remember her humble beginnings. Everything was against her, but her Methodist upbringing that instilled a personal responsibility, namely that nothing is nor should be handed on a plate, you have to work hard to achieve your goals. That work ethic, that sense of duty and not bulking at the immense tides that are against you, is something that should resonate with every unionist in Ulster.”

Concluding Jim Allister stated: “With the council elections under the new RPA proposed to take place next year TUV is preparing to contest in every area. If you share our values, our vision and you believe in taking personal responsibility for the future of our beloved country, then TUV is the party for you.”