Ballymoney to welcome a farm worker, station master and nurse to town

BALLYMONEY will welcome three newcomers to the town shortly.

Following voting, three figures cast in steel will form part of bench at the new bridge in the Riverside Park.

Minutes circulated to councillors at a recent meeting stated: “Further to the Committee updates in both November and December 2011, it is pleasing to report that a contractor has now been recommended to undertake the scheme and that it is expected that work will commence before the end of January 2012 and be completed during this summer.

“Translink have identified the surrounding properties which may be inconvenienced by the construction works and has produced a news letter which it will be distributing shortly to these households.

The letter highlights the background to the scheme, the funding partners and the rationale for the project. It also points out some of the project benefits which will result from the provision of the attractive new fully accessible bridge.

“The new bridge over the railway line at the station and its associated network of paths will effectively link the north and south of the town for both pedestrians and cyclists whilst also allowing and improving access to both platforms. The project will also significantly increase the existing Park and Ride facilities at the station to provide 60 car parking spaces.

“It is also the case that there was a great response to the Portrait Bench public vote carried out in December 2011. A total of 843 votes were cast and the three receiving most votes were the Farm Worker (207 votes), the Station Master (199 votes) and the Nurse (169 votes). These three figures will now be cast in steel as life size figures and form part of a bench to be placed at the entrance to the new bridge in Riverside Park as part of the overall Connect2 Project.”