Ballymoney to get new ‘temporary’ Chief Inspector

BALLYMONEY and Moyle are to get a new ‘temporary’ Police Chief Inspector in September.

Revealed during a recent District Policing Partnership meeting, members heard that Chief Inspector John Magill would be replaced by temporary Chief Inspector Sean Fitzpatrick.

Speaking at the meeting, CI Magill explained: “A new Chief Inspector is taking over. I am being replace by temporary Chief Inspector Sean Fitzpatrick.

“He is familiar with the Moyle and Ballymoney areas and will service you well.”

In response the new DPP Chairperson, Cllr Evelyne Robinson expressed her disappointment at the news explaining: “I would like to highlight my dismay that the police chief is moving on in September.

“He gives the most detailed answers and we appreciate his help and work for Ballymoney. He has been a refreshing welcome to our local force and is always willing to answer our questions and is extremely capable.

“I would like to wish him every success in the future.”

CI Magill joked that he was ‘not away yet’ adding: “I will be in Ballymoney until September. I have enjoyed my time here. It has been good working with the DPP and admire everyone’s frankness - I hope members continue to do this.

“As you know I’m not into corporate waffle and I hope I haven’t fallen into that trap.”

Praising his colleague Inspector David Anderson, the police chief continued: “David has done sterling work here and I’m sure he will continue to do so.

“In the last two years I have never heard him say no, I can’t do that or I’m too busy. Ballymoney is very lucky to have him - he’s a great asset.”

Agreeing DPP member Cllr John Finlay outlined his shock and regret at the news suggesting: “Chief Inspector Magill is a man of integrity and I am disappointed that he is moving away.

“However I am also disappointed that Inspector Anderson has not been given the Chief Inspector’s position on a temporary basis. As far as I can see he is the man for the job.

“By appointing him we would continue the consistency in Ballymoney as he has worked in the Borough for many years. I believe there are far too many changes and upset going on in the PSNI.”

DPP member Cllr Frank Campbell also agreed with Cllr Finlay.