‘Ballymoney’s forgotten estate’

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STUART Park is Ballymoney’s forgotten estate, a disgruntled resident has claimed.

And they said it is time local authorities and policitians stepped up to the mark to give the estate some much-needed attention and investment.

The resident - who did not want to be named - said the estate’s roads are riddled with holes which fill with water when it rains and are perilous for elderly locals.

“Since I came here decades ago the top surface of the road was never put on or finished,” they said.

“When it’s wet there are puddles everywhere meaning you get soaked when you get out of the car, no matter where you park.

“Another problem is the drains which get blocked very easily.

“When that happens you have water running all through the place and carrying muck through the estate.

“There are weeds growing through flagstones as well. The whole place needs work.

“You always read about Glebeside and Carnany but Stuart Park is always forgotten about.

“The place is just unsightly at present and something needs to be done about that.”

Ballymoney Independent councillor Roma McAfee said:

“In the last few weeks my husband Iain has been talking to some people around the development of a local group or other ways to lobby for improvements in the Stuart Park area.

“There certainly is a perception that other areas are getting priority over Stuart Park however if improvements are needed, they should be addressed irrespective.

“In the meantime I would encourage residents who want issues raised to contact myself or other councillors for the area.”