Ballymoney Post Office plans move a step forward

The first steps in the relocation of Ballymoney Post office were taken this week when planning approval was granted for an extension to the new premises.

Glebeside Spar will be expanded to accommodate the Post Office as well as providing additional retail and storage space.

The work is expected to go out to tender soon to build a two storey extension to the shop and a first floor extension which will also give additional retail and storage space.

There was one letter of objection raised at a meeting of Ballymoney Council but the Planning officer present advised that Roads Service had been consulted and were satisfied that measures had been taken to eliminate parking constraints. A public consultation process had been put in place when the relocation was announced earlier this year to gather local views on the issue.

It is understood that staff working at Linenhall Street will be re-located.

At the time, MLA Mervyn Storey said: “Any proposed change brings with it a degree of concern, such as the impact on Linehall Street, however I think that this proposal is to be welcomed as it will consolidate and improve the service from the post office in Ballymoney.

“I had discussions with the post office and Mr David Symth of Glebeside Spar...and have no doubt he is committed to ensuring this move results in an improved service for the people of Ballymoney.”