Ballymoney police in appeal for crime information

POLICE in Ballymoney have issued the following information about incidents in the borough this week.

* Monday July 4 - A man was arrested in Ballymoney for an alleged breach of bail conditions. He was not allowed to be in possession of a mobile phone and he was taken to court.

* A member of the public reported to police that she received a suspicious phone call from a person saying they were calling to say they would carry out work to her computer and asked to be allowed remote access to remove viruses. Police said the woman declined and contacted the PSNI. A police spokesman said: “If you are approached in this way do not give anybody access to your computer any more than you would give them access to your bank account. If your computer needs attention contact a reputable technician.

* A window was broken by a stone at Trinity Drive in Ballymoney between 11.15pm on Wednesday July 6 and 8.15am on Thursday July 7.

* A conservatory window was broken by a stone at a house at Greengage Lane, Ballymoney, around 9pm on Thursday June 30.

* If you can assist police in combating crime contact them on 08456008000 or phone Crimestoppers 0800555111.