Ballymoney oil stamps scheme gets new cards

Ballymoney Oil Stamps Scheme – same stamps, new cards!

Regular savers of Ballymoney Oil Stamps will soon see a change to the saving cards.

The cards have recently been re-designed to include advertising from some of the participating oil suppliers.

The £5 Oil Stamps are still the same, but the new cards now hold 20 Oil Stamps, making a full card worth £100.

You can of course still continue to complete any savings cards you have already started to fill, which will be accepted as usual by the oil suppliers.

Please ensure that you treat the stamps as you would treat cash and keep them in a safe place. For added security, your name and address should be completed on the card.

And for anyone who hasn’t yet used the scheme, Oil Stamps are a really popular way to budget for home heating oil. Just buy the £5 oil stamps as often as it suits you and save them on the card provided. They can be used as full or part-payment of the cost of your next oil delivery.

Almost 27,000 Oil Stamps were bought from participating Post offices and retailers throughout Ballymoney Council area last year, and sales this year already show an increase.

For further details on the scheme call 028 2766 0257 or visit the Council website: