Ballymoney movie ‘Cup Cake’ on screen

A feature film - shot on location in and around Ballymoney - is to be screened on national TV.

The movie, entitled Cup Cake, was shot solely in the town in October 2009.

An independent company, based in Belfast, began shooting at Leslie Hill for ‘Cup Cake’, a romantic comedy set initially in the 1960’s but which becomes timeless.

The man behind the venture was John Leslie, originally from the town.

As Art Director and Location Manager of the company ‘Wee Buns’, Mr Leslie was instrumental in bringing the crew to Ballymoney where a number of local business premises were used as well as his family farm at Leslie Hill.

Indeed, such was the impact made on company directors by Ballymoney that further films could well be located there.

Directed by the highly respected Colin McIvor and Producer, Kate Jackson, ‘Cup Cake’ also featured the distinguished cameraman, Cian Butler, who shot the opening sequences for the award winning film, ‘Saving Private Ryan.’

Cian has also worked with Sir David Attenborough on a number of projects.

Filming began in October 2009 and was completed around March of the following year.

Kelly’s in Church Street was chosen as one of the set locations as well as Gaults Drapers, the Barber Shop in High Street and St. Patrick’s Parish Church.

Cupcake will be shown on BBC2 Northern Irelandon Saturday, August 31 as part of the Northern Ireland Movie Season.

Cup Cake centres around the life of a young man, known as PJ, who loses his parents and inherits a small bakery business.

He makes a promise to his mum and dad that he will carry on the business, but privately he is dreading the future because of his distinct lack of culinary skills.

To make matters worse, PJ owes money to two ‘wide boys’ in the area.