Ballymoney man writes ‘The War of the Three Gods’

A Ballymoney-based author has written his first book which focuses on world history from a religious perspective.

Dr Peter Crawford has written ‘The War of the Three Gods’ published by Pen and Sword Books. Dr Crawford gained a PhD in Ancient History at Queen’s University, Belfast, under the tutelage of respected classicist Professor John Curran. This is his first book.

The War of the Three Gods tells the fascinating story of the epic three-way struggle for survival between three empires and three religions – events that changed the map of the world and ensured the success of Islam.

The book is a military history of the first half of seventh century; a pivotal time. world history as well as a dramatic one. In this excitiPeter Crawford skillfully narrates the struggle between the Christian Roman, Zoroastrian Persian and Islamic empires, in a period of conflict peopled with fascinating characters.

RRP £25.00

256 Pages • Hardback

ISBN: 9781848846128