Ballymoney Church of God hosts Youth Olympic Week

Many Young People along with the Youth Leaders met each evening for their very own Olympic Games.

It all began with the Monday night “Opening Ceremony” where everyone came together to create team flags and mascots and connect with each other.

Throughout the whole week there were all kinds of activities from javelin throwing, volleyball, water fights! Jumbo water slide, (this proved a big favourite) team games, burgers and lots of shouts and laugher. The whole Olympic theme was designed and created by all the Youth sections within the Church, under the Youth Ministry M.E.R.G.E. (Meet, Engage, Receive, Grow and Empower).

Final Friday was the “Closing Ceremony” and “Camp Out” on the Church grounds. It was lovely to see Young People gathered around the Camp Fire late at night talking and sharing.

There were many special moments throughout the week but one of the highlights was the nightly Praise and Worship led by the Youth Band.

It was a truly wonderful week of sharing faith, lively worship, fun and laughter and definitely a great “Team Spirit”. Ballymoney Church of God has a very vibrant and growing Youth Department led by dedicated Leaders.

At the end of a very busy week everyone went home tired but totally satisfied that they had been a part of a magnificent Olympic Experience in Ballymoney Church of God.