Ballymoney Church of God celebrates 40 years of Girls’ and Boys’ Brigades

BALLYMONEY Church of God have just celebrated yet another milestone this year.

The Girls’ and Boys’ Brigade Companies decided to have a combined display to celebrate 40 years of service to the Church and Community.

What an evening it was as the two Brigades united together to present a very impressive programme of marching, singing, music, games and much much more to nearly 400 guests. Friends, family, young and old came to fill the large Youth Hall and cheer the officers and young people on.

Pastor Taylor, the first Chaplain of the Brigades, was Inspecting Officer and joining him on the platform were Captains from various Girls’ Brigade and Boys’ Brigade Companies.

Included on the platform were Mr. Jonathan Gracey (Director B.B.N.I.), Mrs. Latifa McCullough (Vice President G.B.N.I.) also Mr. Cecil Cousley (Deputy Mayor and President of the Route Battalion B.B.), Mrs. Celia McCracken and Mr. Jim McCook the two foundational Captains of the Companies.

It was an evening to remember for many reasons the main one being that the Gospel message was shared and expressed in such a vibrant way. Captains Hilary Patterson (Girls’ Brigade) and Colin Owens (Boys’ Brigade) were delighted with the evening and were very appreciative of the large team of dedicated Officers and Helpers who faithfully commit each week to this important outreach of the Church.

Pastor Jonathan Payne commented that it was very evident that a lot of thought and hard work as well as team effort had gone on behind the scenes to make this combined Display the success it was. He thanked everyone in the Youth Hall that evening for their support and encouragement. Before Pastor Yvonne Payne led the final worship and gave the benediction, prizes, shields and cups were awarded along with President’s Badges presented to Jordan Brennan and Sam Balmer and the highest award in the Boys’ Brigade, the Queen’s Badge presented to Darren Balmer.

It certainly was an evening of celebration and recognition for all that has been achieved over four decades.

“May 244th N.I. Company Girls’ Brigade and 3rd Ballymoney Boys’ Brigade continue to serve the young people of our community for many years to come.

Once again congratulations on reaching 40 wonderful years of faithful outreach and service,” said a spokesperson.