Ballymoney cemetery issue to be re-examined

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Ballymoney Borough Council is to look again at the issue of bollards and barriers in the town’s cemetery.

The matter was raised again by Cllr John Finlay at last Monday’s meeting of Council - the last ever full Council meeting of Ballymoney Borough Council.

He proposed that the bollards issue be discussed again and some of the bollards removed. He spoke of a Mr James Hunter who had contacted him about access to the graveyard.

Mr Hunter’s wife died seven years ago and, explained Cllr Finlay, he goes to the graveyard every day to spend time at his wife’s grave.

“He is a lonely man who misses his partner in life. All he does is drive to the grave.

“On a good day he will maybe get out of the car and sit by the grave. On wetter days, he just sits in the car,” said Cllr Finlay.

“But he gets comfort from being near where his wife was laid to rest.

“All he is asking is that the bollards can be lifted to allow a car down and replaced when the car leaves.”

Cllr Finlay made this a proposal, seconded by Cllr Evelyne Robinson.