Ballymoney Bowling Club open the green

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On Saturday evening, Past President Maurice Logue welcomed members and guests to the official opening of the green for the 2017 season, introducing President Robert McBride and pinning on the Presidential Badge wishing him and all the members a very enjoyable and successful season.

President Robert thanked Maurice and invited his wife, Rachel to roll the silver jack and deliver the first bowl.

Ladies Honorary Secretary Miss Nikki Shiels introduced President Mrs Irene Hunter pinning on the Presidential Badge wishing her and the Ladies a very enjoyable and successful season, she also thanked Mrs Hunter for the many years she had served as Ladies Honorary Secretary. President Irene also rolled a silver jack and delivered a bowl and declared the Ladies season open.

Mr Adien Reid, Honorary Assistant Secretary read brief histories of Members D.J.Connelly and J.McM.Irwin for work done and achievements won during their combined 100 years’ service. He thanked them for all their support and invited President Robert to present them with their Honorary Membership Badges.

President Robert invited all present to the Social Room where supper was served by the Ladies of the Club.

An Extraordinary General Meeting was held after the proceedings on the green to discuss and vote on a Motion to allow the green and social room to be open on a Sunday, after discussion at the meeting the Motion was agreed and passed.

After supper President Robert said: “I very honoured and proud on being elected your President and thank all the members for electing me to this highly esteemed office and look forward to my period in office and hope we can enjoy some success along the way.

“My thanks go to my wife Rachel for rolling the silver jack and delivering the first bowl of our new season and I can only hope it will be as good as the one Past President Maurice enjoyed last year when all the Teams had a very good year, well done and thanks to him for all his work carried out last year and I look forward to working with my Vice-President William Warke to ensure our members enjoy their bowling as well as the Social evenings in the Social Room during the season.

I thank very much that very small band of loyal Club members who have worked so hard around our green and inside our premises cleaning and tiding up to have them looking so well; it is up to us all to keep them clean and tidy at all times.

“To President Irene’ and the Ladies I thank very much for the very enjoyable supper you have served us this evening and wish you all a very good successful season in your League and Championships Programme.”

He congratulated both Tommy and Anne Smith for the very proficient manner they both had carried out their Presidential Duties as our Association Presidents.

President Robert on behalf of all members thanked the members of Management Committee and Sub-Committees for working tirelessly to successfully meet the needs and challenges of the Club.

He added: “Our very best thanks to Allister Steele for all his work carried out on our green during the winter months and having it looking so well, members can start playing on the green from Wednesday weather permitting and it is hoped you all move the delivery mat around and not keep placing it in the same place all the time, this does help to ease the wear of the turf, on Saturday next Old Bleach from Randalstown are coming to us for a practise match.

“Our very best thanks is due to Maurice for all he does in the running of the Social Club ably supported by a hard working Committee and we wish him a speedy recovery from his present ill health, I ask all members to support the many events Maurice arranges for us during the season when we can all let our hair done and enjoy ourselves.

“On all our members behalfs I thank very much our Honorary Secretary Denis for all he does behind the scenes and with our Honorary Treasurer Tommy Smith, Assistant Honorary Secretary Aiden Reid and Assistant Honorary Treasurer Robert Anderson and Match Secretary William McCaw ensure our Club is run efficiently thank you all for your time and interest.”

President Maurice presented last season’s winning medals to our Team members present thanking them all for their support to their various teams.

Members are reminded that beginning of season friendlies are being organised so watch the notice boards for Teams being posted, also copies of all the Leagues and Cup Programmes are on the Notice Boards and also the NIPBA Championship Entry Form, note, names must be on it by the closing date of Saturday, April 15 and no A.N.Others are allowed.