Ballymoney area police round-up of news

MAN ARRESTED: ON November 28 a man was arrested at Biestys garage for an alleged theft of goods. The man was released on bail pending further enquires.

HOUSE SEARCH: On December 1 a man was arrested on Alexander Avenue following the search of house which produced some suspect counterfeit goods as well as a quantity of cigarettes.

TAXI RANK INCIDENT: On November 26 at 3.40pm police were alerted to an incident on High Street at the taxi rank involving school pupils. One taxi was damaged and there is an allegation of an assault. Police are appealing for witnesses.

WINDOW BROKEN: On December 3 at 6.44am police received a report of a window broken in dwelling house on Bridge Street Rasharkin.

Officers are appealing for witnesses.

ALLEGED ASSAULT: On December 1 at 5.15pm an incident involving youths at the Train Street area was reported to police.

One youth has alleged assault and police are appealing for witnesses.

CHRISTMAS ADVICE: While you are out shopping so are they...that’s the message police have issued this festive season.

So don’t tempt thieves by leaving presents on display in your home or car.

Be cautious about storing expensive presents in your home.

Don’t keep large amounts of cash in your home to buy presents.

Make sure your home is secure- always lock your doors and windows .

Ask about marking valuable items with your postcode and house number, don’t forget you can take photographs of them too.

Make it a Christmas to remember for the right reasons..