Ballymoney and Moyle drivers pay up!

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WHEN it comes to paying parking fines it seems that motorists in Ballymoney and Moyle are not the worst offenders.

Figures released by local Assemblyman, John Dallat, show that Moyle had the lowest number of debtors with 86 unpaid fines while Ballymoney had a total of 234 over a three-year period which compares favourably with the rest of the province.

Mr. Dallat tabled a written question to the Regional Development Minister, Danny Kennedy, which revealed that nearly one in ten parking fines issued in the last three years has not been paid.

Mr. Dallat revealed that 30,359 out of 351,995 penalty charge notices remain unpaid.

Belfast accounts for one quarter of bad debtors, but Moyle was the lowest. In the year 2010/11 there were 349 tickets issued with 22 not paying the fine at the end of April this year.

The following year 268 tickets were placed on vehicles. Again 22 did not pay and that figure rose to 42 in the current year after 408 tickets were issued.

In Ballymoney, 1166 tickets were handed out with 54 unpaid in 2010/11. The following year it was 1341 and 81 unpaid and the current year 1125 and 99 unpaid leaving a total of 234.

In the last year, the total number of penalty charge notices reduced by more than 13%, but the trend for unpaid fines continues upwards.

In June of last year, MLAs voted to accept an increase in parking fines from £60 to £90 but with a 50% reduction if paid within 14 days.

A spokesperson from the Department for Regional Development (DRD) said: “In not paying a PCN the keeper of the vehicle is risking having their vehicle clamped. They will also incur further fees.

“If a PCN is not paid within 14 days the amount due increases from the discounted rate of £45 to £90. The rate increases to £135 after 56 days.

“When a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) remains unpaid, DRD will obtain the details of the keeper of the vehicle and pursue the debt with them.

“Clamping and removal operations are used for debt recovery purposes where PCNs have not been paid.”