Ballycastle’s Emma recycles raindrops!

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STUDENTS from schools around the North West visited the Eden Project in Cornwall recently as part of the RiverRidge Recycling Make Art Not Waste school competition.

One of the finalists was Emma McKernan from Cross and Passion College in Ballycastle.

Emma said: “Going to the Eden Project really was the icing on the cake. I never thought that when I made my piece of art, ‘Let’s Step in and Reduce our Carbon Footprint’ for this competition I’d be going to Cornwall.

“It was a long day but it was just fantastic to see the Rainforest, Mediterranean and outdoor biomes. They were truly amazing and I enjoyed looking at the different plants from around the world - it was like a trip around the globe.”

Mrs Mairead Green, Art Teacher from St Patrick’s College in Dungiven, who accompanied the young men and women on the visit said, “This was a wonderful experience for all of us. The group really gelled and we all had a super time.

“I would like to thank RiverRidge Recycling for this opportunity it was a real privilege to visit the Eden Project – it is a great educational facility where you learn how vital plants are to our existence and everyday life.”

The RiverRidge Recycling ‘Make Art Not Waste’ School competition allows students from years eight to ten across the seven council areas to think creatively about waste, craft a piece of artwork, and, in doing so, think about what really needs to be going into household black bins and that waste really can be a resource!

Brett Ross, Managing Director of RiverRidge Recycling, said, “As a Materials Recovery Facility we believe it important to engage with the community and convey our environmental values.

“No longer can every item that we do not want go into landfill. We need to think of waste as a resource and how it can be recycled, reduced or reused.

“I’m now looking forward to the RiverRidge Recycling Make Art Not Waste school competition for 2012/2013 and I’m eager to find out what the students will make this year. This year’s theme is how waste can be a resource.”