Ballycastle’s Angus volunteers for sit-out

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Ballycastle man Angus Iliff has been helping Coleraine’s Caring Caretaker keep his annual charity sit-out going.

Fundraiser Davy Boyle takes on a marathon pre-Christmas sit-out each year but, this year, was ruled out on doctor’s orders due to ill health.

So an army of volunteers stepped in and vowed to keep Davy’s sit-out going to ensure that his chosen charities don’t miss out.

One such man is Ballycastle’s Angus Iliff who was bringing in the cash on Thursday in Coleraine town centre.

“Davy is a selfless man and he has done the sit-out himself for so many years and it is just unfortunate that he couldn’t do it himself this year.

“And, he is a fellow Liverpool supporter so when the opportunity arose, I just decided to join in with the sit-out.”

Well done, Angus, who is undertaking another session today (Tuesday) in Coleraine town centre.