Ballycastle Rotary want your bicycles for African children

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With December now upon us and a certain ‘Gentleman’ dusting off his costume, members of The Rotary Club of Ballycastle wish to remind everyone of their continued involvement with the Jole Rider project.

Last year, some 160 bicycles were successfully collected, making Ballycastle, the number one Rotary club in the district. With Christmas just around the corner and the strong possibility that there may be a few unwanted pedal-powered creations following December 25th, consider donating these out-dated models to our cause. Their use as a means of transport for African school children is vital and often makes the difference between a good education and perhaps none l be delighted to welcome all donations.

Ideally bicycles aimed at children from the age of 10 upwards are most acceptable but we will be delighted to welcome all donations.

As before, items can be left at the Dallat group premises, 65 Market Street, or by contacting Peter Dallat on 07764221099.

So, please keep us in mind when deciding what to do with those spare bikes.