Ballycastle roads issues are examined

A SPECIAL committee has been looking at roads issues in Ballycastle.

A Moyle Council report said: ‘Members will recall that a Working Group was established comprising of representatives of Moyle District Council, Ballycastle Chamber of Commerce, Ballycastle Town Partnership, and DRD Roads Service to address the issue of traffic management in Ballycastle town centre, particularly traffic flow through the town, delivery lorries loading and unloading in the main streets and difficulties with parking.

‘The Working Group has been continuing to meet with good discussion between the Chamber of Commerce and DRD Roads Service on various issues. The introduction of charging in Ann Street car park has helped to eliminate the all day parking with these users are now availing of the other car parks in Ballycastle town centre; this has freed up parking spaces in the car park for shoppers.

‘The PUFFIN Crossing (Pedestrian User Friendly Intelligent Crossing) at Ann Street is also working well, with improved traffic flow and pedestrian safety. Roads Service has also recently introduced a Puffin Crossing between the two schools on Moyle Road.

‘Following a meeting of the Working Group on 18th September 2012 Roads Service has also agreed to do the following:

* Provide an additional disabled parking space along the wall of McLister’s shop in Ann Street car park. This will increase the number of disabled spaces in the car park to 6.

* Provide yellow box markings at the junction of Market Street/The Diamond similar to those at the junction of Station Road/Ann Street.

* Provide high friction surfacing on the approach to the Puffin Crossing at Moyle Road.

‘Ballycastle Chamber of Commerce is supportive of the above work to be completed by Roads Service. The Working Group will continue to monitor the changes. Members will be kept informed of any further developments,’ said the report.