Ballycastle is on the lips of tipplers!

By Wesley Ferris

THE name Ballycastle really is on the lips of hundreds of thousands of tipplers once again this Christmas.

That’s because Ballycastle Irish Cream is again selling well at Aldi.

And Ballycastle Irish Cream is featuring very prominently in the major supermarket chain’s festive advertising in many newspapers.

Aldi have over 500 stores across Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland but because they have no stores in Northern Ireland the closest any tippler in the town of Ballycastle could travel to get their hands on a bottle is Dundalk.

Irish Cream like Baileys and ‘Ballycastle’ always sell well at Christmas so in countless homes across the British Isles the name Ballycastle will be to the forefront.

An Aldi spokesman said: “It’s a very popular product and is sold in over 500 Aldi stores across the UK and Ireland.”

Tourism bosses in Ballycastle town will be hoping for a bit of an indirect marketing boost for Ballycastle by the name of the town getting mentioned on the Irish cream bottles.

And local people are sure to say cheers to that!