Ballycastle High Students stage centenary play

The lights have been dusted off, tickets are on sale at the school office and the students and staff of Ballycastle High School are ready to open the curtains on their latest school production on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th December at 7.30pm in the McMaster Hall.

The Curious Incident of the iPod in the Library is an original play set in the familiar surrounds of Ballycastle High School. Each member of the cast and backstage crew is a pupil of Ballycastle High School, and it is their intention to entertain and enthral you with what is sure to be an unforgettable evening’s entertainment.

Stuart Adams takes on the role of the school janitor. He is an unassuming character, whose shyness means that he cannot reveal his true feelings for the school librarian Beryl, played by Emma McCook. By the end of the play, however, it will be clear that there is much more to him than would first appear.

The play is set in the school library where the sixth years are attempting to study, while the science geeks are hard at work on their latest project. Things take an interesting turn following an unexpected scientific breakthrough which brings into operation the world’s first iPod time machine. The geeks are keen to road test their new invention and find themselves in the newly established Ballycastle High School of 1911.

As it turns out the geeks aren’t the only ones who end up going “iMac to the future.” The sixth years also get in the act – travelling to 1964 where they meet some familiar faces. The time travelling heroines meet with some complications when they attend the school disco.

Their actions, as later realise, will have long reaching consequences. The question is – will they be able to put things right? The geeks and sixth years unite in the face of impending doom, with help coming from an unlikely source, but will it be enough to save Ballycastle High School?

The play offers a fantastic evening of fun filled family entertainment. It also provides an opportunity to revisit key moments in the history of Ballycastle High as the school celebrates its centenary year.

Tickets and further information about performances are available form the school office on 028 276 2254.