Ballycastle ‘friends of Africa’ comedy show

Ballycastle 'Friends of Africa' comedy show
Ballycastle 'Friends of Africa' comedy show

Local charity group “Ballycastle Friends of Africa” took the first step in raising much needed funds to help finish building a school and learning centre in Uganda!

This first fundraiser (which was held in the Marine Hotel) took the form of a comedy show entitled “Adult School Around The Bend” (featuring Frank Mitchell) and “The Jerry Springer Hypnosis Show” (featuring Adrian Knight), the show was a massive success with the local people involved raising the bar by providing a night of entertainment as well as raising money for an excellent cause.

This will be one of many fundraisers that will be taking place between now and April in order to raise the necessary funds for the group to embark on their trip to Africa.

The aim of the project is to finish the school once and for all as well as helping to build a huge underground water tank, since droughts can be a frequent and serious problem in Uganda the water tank shall provide the young children with access to clean water until the rainy season comes again.