Ballycastle dad wins case after complaining of ‘risque’ advert

A BALLYCASTLE man who complained about the unsuitable nature of an advert shown when he took his children to the cinema, has had his concerns upheld.

Frank Wright complained after an advert for Club Orange “Best Bits in the World” featuring scantily clad women was shown at the Jet Centre in Coleraine during a Batman film.

The Moyle dad had taken his 12-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter and a friend to see The Dark Knight Rises - a 12A classified movie.

Before the film began the Club Orange advert began much to Mr Wright’s embarrassment.

Speaking to the press, Mr Wright said: “I’m not prudish but I felt this ad was just very inappropriate for the age group.

“I have no objection to it if aimed at the right age group but I didn’t expect to see something so risque at a children’s film in front of my own children and another child in my care.”

Mr Wright raised the issue with the Advertising Standards Authority.

It upheld the complaint saying the ad was “not suitable for younger audiences who might be less able to identify its satirical intent.

“Because the ad contained imagery and dialogue of an adult nature but had been shown before a film carrying a 12A rating, we concluded that it was irresponsible and inappropriate for children.”

Movie House, owners of the Jet Centre, said it adverts are packaged together by an agency, which adheres to guidance from the Cinema Advertising Association (CAA) and BBFC (British Board of Film Classification).

“In this case, the advert received a 12A certificate from BBFC but was only deemed appropriate to be shown to audience over 15 by the CAA. As determined in the ASA report, a technical glitch prevented the CAA judgment from being passed on to our agency.

“We adhere to all guidance by the BBFC and CAA and would not knowingly show an advert that was deemed inappropriate for those under 15 during a screening of a 12A film such as The Dark Knight Rises.”