Bad parkers slammed by town motorists

MOTORISTS who regularly use the Townhead Street car park in Ballymoney are calling for the authorities to do something about what they have described as ‘reckless parking.’

Last week saw one of the exit lanes blocked by at least four cars which caused no amount of inconvenience to a number of drivers who found themselves coming to a standstill and having to reverse out of the situation.

Because the Townhead park is free, it has become popular with workers and shoppers. Normally, spaces are readily available but in the run up to Christmas demand for parking bays has been in huge demand.

Spaces are quickly filled up and by lunchtime it appears to be a case of driving round and round in the hope that a park will become available.

Tempers were frayed particularly last Monday when the furthest lane from the entrance to the park was completely blocked by vehicles whose drivers were either unaware of what they were doing or simply adopting a couldn’t-care-less attitude to others.

One motorist said: “I have never seen such a selfish attitude. Whoever parked where they did had complete disregard for other motorists and only caused a great deal of frustration and confusion.

“I was caught and had to reverse which I found difficult given that I was trying to be careful to avoid hitting any of the parked cars.”

The police or someone must do something – after all, drivers were causing an obstruction.

Traffic Wardens are unable to issue tickets, but a police spokesperson said: