‘Attacks are snow joke’

BALLYCASTLE SDLP councillor Donal Cunningham has called on those involved in snowball attacks on motorists to “wise up”. Not long after the first significant fall of snow this winter on Monday December 5, complaints came in about snowball attacks on cars and buses particularly on the main town entrances, said the councillor.

“Those involved must realise that these attacks have a very upsetting and traumatic effect on drivers and their passengers. Snowballs when compacted can have the same impact as a stone.

“Snowballs thrown at moving vehicles can distract drivers and have the potential to cause a serious accident. We are very fortunate that no one has been seriously injured.

“In snow and icy conditions, drivers need to concentrate even more and even a small distraction can be dangerous. There are better ways to enjoy the snow than attacking cars and buses,” said the councillor.