Attacks are not ‘justice’ - PSNI

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District Commander, Chief Superintendent Brian Kee has condemned the recent paramilitary style shootings in the Ballymoney, Portrush and Coleraine areas and outlined the police’s commitment to deal with those behind the attacks.

Chief Superintendent Kee stated: “This is not a form of justice. It is a cruel and illegal practice which only serves to terrorise our communities, rather than reduce crime. Communities should not be subjected to this inhumane behaviour and the fear it brings.

“The unjustifiable shooting of a fifteen year old boy was a traumatic event for him, his family and Coleraine as a whole. The cross community condemnation in the aftermath of the attack was heartening and undermines those who portray themselves as acting on behalf of their local community in carrying out their violence”.

“The reality is that paramilitary attacks are as reprehensible as other serious crimes such as drug dealing or domestic abuse. Every member of every community affected by this should be reassured that police are committed to addressing the issue and tackling these criminals.

“Our officers deliver a trusted policing service that is protective and professional. Officers work in partnership within their communities every day to detect and prevent crime as well as challenging behaviours and perceptions around serious organised criminals. We will pursue those involved in paramilitary style attacks but need the confidence and support of the local community in bringing these people before the courts.”