Armoy’s cross-community work is a ‘shining example’

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THE cross-community set-up at Armoy Rugby Club has been hailed as a “shining example” to the rest of Northern Ireland by Ulster Unionist councillor Joan Baird.

She was speaking at a meeting of Moyle Council in Ballycastle where the club briefed the Council on their expansion plans .

Councillors unanimously welcomed the project and pledged their help.

The club, which has a cross-community membership, continues to throw open the use of its facilities to all in the community.

Groups like the GAA have used the facilities .

And the cross-community ethos at the club was praised by Moyle councillors.

Joan Baird said the cross-community footing of the club is “a great shining example to the whole of Northern Ireland”.

And she noted that Armoy had the famous Joey Dunlop “and I know in the future you will see Armoy Rugby Club rising to the same level”.

And the Council’s Vice-Chairman, Cllr Robert McIlroy (DUP), also had words of praise.

He said: “The good thing about this is it will bring people together and bringing people together is what we want to see within our Moyle District.”

Cllr Colum Thompson (Sinn Fein), Cllr Padraig McShane (Independent), Cllr Sandra Hunter (Ulster Unionist) , Cllr Willie Graham (Ulster Unionist) and Cllr Donal Cunningham (SDLP) were amongst those with praise.