Are you paying too much for water?

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The Consumer Council is encouraging businesses in Moyle to get in touch with the organisation for free, independent advice to ensure they aren’t paying more for their water than they have to.

As well as practical steps which businesses can take to save water and money such as checking meters and any leaks, the Consumer Council is keen to highlight the fact that anyone with a water meter and paying business rates, can claim a domestic allowance - a free allowance of water worth over £500 each year. It is free to apply and claims can be back-dated up to six years.

Aodhan O’Donnell said; “We have a number of resources available to help businesses ensure they are not paying more than they have to for utilities like water. Our online water usage calculators and guides for businesses such as, ‘Every Drop Counts’ are available to download free at or by calling us on 0800 121 6022. Users can also work out Average Daily Consumption (ADC), assessed charges and possible unmeasured charges.”