Apologetic Joe is a no-show for garden show!

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Lesser Spotted Ulster presenter Joe Mahon has issued a heartfelt apology to Ballymoney Gardening Club - after he forgot to turn up to be their guest judge!

Joe took a phone call from club’s Kenny Bacon, assuming he was finalising arrangements for the following week’s event: “You can imagine my horror when I quickly realised that I should have been in Ballymoney at that very moment. I would like to offer my most sincere apologies to the Committee and members of the Ballymoney & District Gardening Club, to all the show prize winners and to all the people who attended the show expecting me to be there, for my failure to turn up. I can offer no excuse for such an unforgivable lapse other than a hectic work schedule and a worrying tendency to forgetfulness.”

Joe added that is he was “allowed to show my face in Ballymoney ever again”, he would like to make amends to the Club.