Annual meeting of local Development Group

STRANOCUM and District Development Group held their annual meeting in Bushvalley School with a good attendance of members and visitors.

Chaired by Deirdre McCloskey, the local Support and Community Liaison Officer, a review of the year as well as the financial state of the Group and future plans were highlighted.

Outgoing chairperson, James Culbertson, provided a comprehensive report in which he congratulated members and volunteers for working hard over the past year to put the group on the map.

Mr. Culbertson said there had been a successful Bridges of Hope Festival in partnership with the local Community Rescue Service, Halloween festivities, a trip to Ayr for Stranocum Youths Football Club and the compoletion of the five-year plan for the village.

Mr. Culbertson said the completion of the new Community Centre in early 2012 would bring a host of new and exciting benefits to the village.

Mrs. Gillian Wilkinson outlined the Group’s financial status and praised those who had helped in a number of ways preparing for events in the village.

Gillian had praise for Councillor Evelyne Robinson who had greatly assisted them secure funding of £1000 for village enhancement.

The grant was awarded after Ballymoney Borough Council entered sTranocum in the Best Kept Village competition.

Existing members indicated a willingness to continue with the Group and a number of new members were added.