Animal welfare concerns at Lammas Fair

MOYLE District Council is to pen a letter to government outlining concerns over animal welfare at the Lammas Fair.

The matter was raised by Independent councillor and Chair Padraig McShane at a meeting of council last week.

He said photos of horses at the fair had caused him concern.

UUP councillor Joan Baird agreed.

“It’s a very serious matter and I think we should take it so,” she said.

The SDLP’s Donal Cunningham said he had visited Fairhill Street during the Lammas Fair where animals were being kept and he wasn’t happy with what he saw.

DUP councillor David McAllister said he supported the proposal also.

However Cllr Seamus Blaney said he too had seen the horses at the fair at first-hand and claimed they appeared to be well catered for in terms of food and water.

Independent Randal McDonnell said his main concern was that of the health and safety of those attending the fair.

“Wouldn’t it be much nicer to keep horses in a field but that’s not going to happen.”