Ancient Egypt comes to life at the Ulster Museum for pupils from Glenann Primary School.

Recently Primary 6/7 pupils from Glenann Primary School, Cushendall, had first hand experiences of life in Ancient Egypt courtesy of Fiona Baird from the Ulster Museum.

During their hour long workshop the children were given the opportunity to relive and understand the Ancient Egyptian way of life.

This was done firstly through a power point presentation, and the children were then given the opportunity to handle Ancient Egyptian artefacts and relics over 2000 years old. These included amulets, papyrus, Shabti Statues, perfumes, Canopic jars and toys.

After the workshop the children went to see Takabuti, the only mummy in Northern Ireland. Takabuti was an Egyptian woman from Thebes who died about 3000 years ago. Apart from seeing the mummy herself, the children were also able to see first hand the intricate hieroglyphics that decorated the sarcophagus.

All in all it was a very informative, enjoyable and memorable experience for both adults and children alike.