Alpine-style cable car ‘dream’ alive!

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A COUNCILLOR’S “dream” of having a cable car at Glenariff is not dead yet, writes Nevin Farrell.

It had been thought that when the ambitious scheme, which would cost millions of pounds, was not included in the terms of reference for a study looking at ways of revamping the area, that the cable car plan had come off the rails.

But Councillor Randal McDonnell seized his chance to put it back on the agenda when consultants visited Moyle Council with a vision to develop Glenariff.

Cllr McDonnell said: “My dream fantasy, it is not going to happen, is a cable car. I think it would be marvellous. It would draw an unbelievable amount of people to the Glens.”

Moyle Council’s Director of Development Services Esther Mulholland said she accepts a cable car is a “long shot” but she said a submission will be prepared for European Union ‘Inter-Reg’ funders, whom she said are looking for big projects.

She revealed she has had discussions with Donegal County Council to see if they will work with them on an Inter-reg initiative regarding forests.

It is unclear if the cable car would run down towards Red Bay or take tourists up over the famous waterfalls at Glenariff which could be lit-up at night.

A number of years ago when a tender was produced seeking consultants to assess the tourism opportunities at Glenariff it stated: ‘Glenariff Forest Park could become one of ... Northern Ireland’s key tourist attractions for activity tourism.’

The report suggested that examples of things the plan would consider were:

* A transport system which would follow the line of the old railway, eg cable car.