Allister slams ‘shambolic’ nursery allocations


TUV candidate Jim Allister has hit out at what he has described as “shambolic” allocation of nursery places.

The North Antrim candidate said: “Over the past week I have been inundated with complaints from parents and nurseries over how nursery place allocation has been handled.

“A number of successful, popular nurseries have been told they will not have any additional funded places to offer, even though they are in demand and have the facilities and staff to provide such places. This has left many parents frustrated, as they are either being told a place is free in another area, or they are not being allocated any funded place.

“I have contacted the Education Authority to highlight the absurdity of some of the cases that have been brought to me. Many hard-working parents face huge expense if they are forced to go private, at times this means a mother or father not working in order to look after their child.

“TUV believes there should be a right to a place for every child. In the recent cases our position is simple – places that are available need to be provided where they are needed. There needs to be more forward planning to address problems such as under provision in one area and a surplus in another.”