Allister expresses condolences to Reynolds and Hillis families and commends PSNI action on attack on William Frazer

During a Matter of the Day on the death of Constable Philippa Reynolds TUV leader Jim Allister expressed condolences to the family and also raised the death of former councillor John Hillis and the attack on the home of victims’ campaigner William Frazer: “I wish to associate myself with the tributes and condolences that have been expressed to the Reynolds family.

“When someone dies in a road traffic accident, it always brings great shock and a great sense of tragedy, but when that person is someone as young and as vibrant as Philippa Reynolds, it is even more poignant. For many, when we think of her age and of our own children who are at or about the same age, the poignancy of it comes home to us.

“I know that these are dark days for the Reynolds family and that there will be dark days ahead. However, I trust that the sense of community empathy will be some small comfort to them, as will the acknowledgement of the contribution that their daughter was making to society.

“In mourning this loss, it would be remiss of the House if we did not also remember that another family is suffering bereavement at this time because of a road traffic accident. I refer to the loss just a few hours previously of the life of John Hillis in an accident that occurred between Tandragee and Poyntzpass. He was known to some of us in the House because of his previous service as a councillor in the community. I would like to join, as I am sure would others, in conveying condolences to the Hillis family and to his wife and son and daughters on his sad passing.

“Philippa Reynolds was taking part in a routine patrol to keep the community safe. I want to finish by saying that we are also grateful to another police patrol at the weekend, which, through its alertness and quick action, ensured that we were not meeting here today to note a tragic outcome to the arson and terrorist attack on the home of William Frazer. We are grateful to the police for the swift action that they took.”