All welcome to have their say on the future of Rasharkin.

A public meeting will be held in Rasharkin Community Centre starting at 11am on Saturday.

A joint initiative between Rasharkin Women’s Group and Rasharkin Community Association all those who live in the Rasharkin Area and statutory agencies with an interest in the Village are invited to come along to give their ideas and opinions. The results of a recent household survey will be discussed and the free prize draw will take place.

Caroline Carey Chairperson of Rasharkin Women’s Group explained “We would like to encourage all those with an interest in the Village as an individual or as a group to come along and have their say about the future of the Village. It will be a relaxing event with fun arts and craft activities provided for the children and will be followed by (cut out complementary) lunch”.

Mary Gilmore from Rasharkin Community Association added “We have secured funding from the Village Renewal Measure of the Rural Development Programme to take the information gathered from the survey and this event to produce a five year Village Plan. This plan can be used as identified need when approaching funders form a range of sources. It is important that people come along and identify those needs”.

Rasharkin Women’s Group would like to take this opportunity to thank the funders of this event, the Community Leadership Programme, NICVA and the International Fund for Ireland. They would also like to thank Rasharkin Community Association for agreeing to work in partnership with them on this project. If you have any queries you are welcome to contact the Women’s Group Tel: 028 29571385 or email