All light on the night

POLICE officers from Ballymoney Neighbourhood Team and Roads Policing will be joining members of a local car club, Causeway Cruisers, to help raise awareness of the importance of being seen on the road, whether you’re a driver or a pedestrian.

Constable Richard Black says: “Winter weather, the low setting sun and extended hours of darkness can all lead to treacherous driving conditions and at this time of year it is even more important for drivers to ensure their vehicle lights are working properly and that pedestrians wear reflective clothing when out walking.”

Free vehicle lighting alignment checks will be offered by trained mechanics at Milltown Car Wash on Thursday 2 February from 7pm until 11pm.

Constable Black adds: “I encourage local motorists to come along to this free event have have your vehicle lights checked. It’s vitally important that your vehicle lights are working and correctly adjusted and if they aren’t, we can offer advice on how to make sure the car is roadworthy.

“Remember to use dipped headlights when driving in poor weather. Our simple advice is that if your vehicle wipers are switched on, so should your dipped headlights.”

Constable Black reminds road users to make extra effort to look for children, pedestrians and cyclists, and adds: “Pedestrians and cyclists should wear bright clothing, reflective jackets or armbands where possible to ensure they can be seen.”