Aisle be there: Don’t miss the Strictly Sainsbury’s dancers!

The Sainbury's group pictured with choreographer, Gerald McQuilken, left.
The Sainbury's group pictured with choreographer, Gerald McQuilken, left.

Get ready for a night of dancing, singing, fun and laughter as Strictly Sainsbury’s takes centre stage in The Lodge Hotel, Coleraine, on Thursday, February 19.

The dancers have been working overtime on their routines and proceeds from what should be a sparkling evening of entertainment will go to Samaritans.

The night - which will be centre on a Valentine’s theme - will be compered by Mark Crawford and will feature music by Ian Hannah & Cola Cubes.

Choreography is by Gerald McQuilken and there will also be performances by Gillian Ekin, the Sainsbury’s Coleraine manager, Naomi Rea, Adam Goudy, Gillian Brown and Jamie Williams.

There will be a fantastic draw on the night with the top prize, a two-night stay in the Superior Room with bed & breakfast in The Royal Hotel in Cookstown.

Other prizes include a dinner for two a bottle of vintage Bushmills Whiskey.

The dancers are:

n Wendy & Andy: Both colleagues from Sainsbury’s who are enjoying the training with a lot of laughter and great enthusiasm.

n Claire & Stefan: Also Sainsbury’s colleagues, they make a great team and are ready to show off a move or two!

n Angela & George: Representing the Coleraine store and Samaritans, George works with The Samaritans and Angela could well be seen dancing around the Sainsbury’s 

n Roy & Cindy: Both Sainsbury’s workmates, they are a great couple guaranteed to bring lots of personality to the 

n Ashley & Paddy: From Sainsbury’s and The Samaritans, these two will have you 
wanting to join them on the floor.

n Russell & Paige: Another Sainsbury’s duo who have been putting the hours in to perfect their routine. And hopefully it will also help Russell to get his feet right for his forthcoming wedding.

n Matthew & Sara: Both are better used to making all that lovely bread in-store so when you pass the counter you might just see them performing a sneaky practice!

Tickets for the evening cost £10 and can be obtained at the Sainsbury’s Customer Service Desk, Jingles, Portrush, and Samaritans, Lodge Road, Coleraine.

Please go along and 
support the Sainsbury’s