Advertorial: Slimming World with Susan

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A Ballymoney woman has spoken about how Slimming World has changed her life.

Susan Kirkpatrick explained: “I will never forget how I felt before I joined Slimming World - unhappy, uncomfortable and paranoid, the list was endless.

“Slimming World has totally changed and transformed every aspect of my life. Everything looks so much better when you feel better in yourself. From an early age, I was always on a “diet”. I remember my school days, all my friends were slim and there I was fat and frumpy. I have felt like this must or all of my adult life, I became good at hiding it always first to crack a joke about my weight before anyone else had a chance to do it - any excuse not to have to go out or get a picture taken.

“I stopped smoking three years ago and the weight creeped on and I convinced myself, it was ok, I couldn’t stop smoking and lose weight at the same time, one thing at a time.

“I envied my friends who wore lovely clothes, my confidence was getting lower and lower and I knew I had to do something before it was too late. I had used every excuse and every quick fix that I could think off but deep down in my heart I knew I had to join Slimming World. “That first night, I was running late I couldn’t find my way into my local venue and this wee voice in my head kept saying don’t worry you have tried, just go home and have some chocolate you don’t need to lose weight but I was determined, told myself you are here now. I took a deep breath, opened the door and in I went, the venue was so welcoming and just full of support and friendly faces from then until now I have never looked back.

“I sat listening to the new members talk and I couldn’t believe that I was hearing right, I could eat lean meats, rice, pasta and potatoes, these are all free foods which keep you feeling fuller for longer and I would never be hungry.

“My favourite dishes are ‘meatza’ and chicken curry and chips and believe it or not you can still eat dishes like these and stay on plan with second helpings if wanted too. The plan is amazing and that’s why I don’t class Slimming World as a diet class but a lifestyle change support group.

“After losing one stone and nine pounds, and being a target member for nearly six months, I never want to go back to the unhappy, insecure woman I was this time last year.”

Slimming World with Susan at Ballymoney Rugby Club, Kilraughts Road, Ballymoney from

Wednesday, January 2, at 5.30pm and 7.30pm. Contact Susan on 07909 900330 or find her on