A spectacular parade!

DUNLOY Accordion band’s annual parade in Ballymoney has, yet again, drawn huge crowds to the town.

Although the organisers did not feature the early attractions embodied in the Ulster Scots tradition, the parade, nevertheless, was as good as ever and the number and quality of bands made the journey for spectators worthwhile.

A carnival atmosphere did prevail with a performace at Castlecrof form Baillies Mills Accordion band from 6 p.m. and more music at High Street.

Volunteers from the band took to the streets to hand out balloons, sweets, flags with face painters and The Friendly Faces adding a further touch of colour.

Churchill Flute band were given the honour of leading the parade and they were followed by more than 70 bands from right across Northern Ireland.

Spectators at the Dunloy parade have often commented on the fact that they are able to see different bands not normally associated with the majority parades in Ballymoney.

One person told the Times: “The other parades are fine, but with Dunloy you get to see bands you don’t normally have the pleasure of seeing and listening to. It makes it that bit better.